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December 23, 2010

Singapore Universal Studio

So we were in Singapore for almost a week, spending time with my sister, went shopping, had great food and all. We actually went to Universal Studio!

Can you believe 3 minutes into the whole Universal Studio 'adventure', Shern started crying and yelling because he refused to walk any further down? I was like " that Madagascar Ship is a fake one! Let's go!" And it was as if he got his legs nailed into the floor, he just stood there like a rock and didn't want to walk. So, I thought the great big ship might have scared the shit out of him, so I said again," you think the ship is coming to bang you? You seriously think the lion and giraffe and hippo is going to roll down from the boxes and come chasing after you?"

He just cried and cried, I was about to explode on him, then he said "I'm scared of the skeleton!" Oh I see, the skeleton hanging from the tree across the other side of the walkway! Gosh! All the fuss over a super fake skeleton! I don't know whether to laugh out loud or have sympathy on him. Anyway, my back hurts from all the shopping and endless walking, I really do not have the energy to carry him, so his grandpa offered to carry him. Most of the time, he cling on to grandpa for his dear life. Hilarious.

Such a scary cat isn't he? Who would have thought a long waited trip to Universal Studio actually turned nightmare for my darling Shern. I actually asked him if he wants to go to Universal Studio again, he said, "never ever!". LOL. Good, perhaps I could save the money to buy gold bullion instead.

November 27, 2010

Designers VS Gold

I'm sure you know someone who is a bagaholic, I mean a person who is crazy over designer handbags. I'm sure you can associate a bagaholic with someone you know. I have a friend who is exactly like that. Seriously, this is an expensive habit to keep. Every time she sees something new in store that caught her attention, then it will definitely go in her 'to buy' list. By now she might have own dozens of designer bags already, but she keep wanting more. As crazy as it sounds, i think this obsession is actually not very healthy. LOL.

There'll forever be 'new arrival' in store, 'new design' of designer bags every season, how can one buy them all? A good bag can easily last a few years, if not tens of years. Why would she need so many bags? So, she might be rich, that's one reason. But if it's me, then I would really rather invest in gold bullion, and see my money 'grow'. Like it or not, no matter how expensive a designer bag is, it has no second hand value, even if there is, it's very little. Don't you agree, one can even keep the gold for future generation, but with bags, that is so not the case.

November 24, 2010

Indon loving gold

I don't know about other maids, but every maid that ever worked with us, loves to buy gold- necklace, bangles, earrings, even buy gold bullion. What they Indonesian claims is that gold from here is much better, in terms of color and variety of designs. Back in their town, there are very limited designs while here, you can practically find chains, earrings and pendants of all shapes and sizes.

So while we were out shopping over the weekend, our maid was so tempted by the window display of gold accessories at the goldsmith. She asked if she can go in and have a look, of course I allowed her. She was so keen on getting yet another pair of necklace, my sister and I bought one for her last year as she has been a great helper. She deserves it, but to buy another one, she'll have to wait another year or two, gold prices now are so expensive. Unless the money is coming out from her own pocket.

November 11, 2010

Getting older...

These days, I'm so occupied with the kids and my online shop that I almost forgot that my Birthday is coming. Bad huh? It wasn't until my aunt asked me if I have anything planned for Saturday, and I asked, "what's the occasion?" And she replied me, "Oh my, it's your Birthday!", I went, "Oh, this Saturday.."

Erm, well.. for someone who is coming to the big three zero, I guess there's nothing to shout about, it feels like I'm moving on to the next decade already, and not excited at all. How do you feel when you celebrate your big ZERO birthday? Especially 40,50,60,70, 80 even 90 or 100, I'm sure it's not something people look forward to -getting old that is. Unless, if you tell me, old is gold, gold as in like bullion, then I really don't mind getting it at all. LOL!

November 10, 2010

Proud of you, son

I'm so proud of my son, he scored 100 marks for his Maths, English and Bahasa exam. 94 marks with his Chinese. When I went to collect his exam paper at the Parents Teachers Meet, his Chinese teacher told me that he has improved a lot compared to when he first started his 5yo class. But he's a little over confident, hence the many mistakes in his papers. Erm, don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing.
His class teacher told me that he's a very good boy in school, pays attention when teacher is teaching (i like!) and every chance he got, he'll get near to his 'gf' Cass. Oh boy, at 5yo? Seriously??

November 7, 2010

Good day

It's been a fruitful day for me. I've uploaded more photos of my product to my FB page and also to the website, I also did some headbands, and bought some more supplies like pins and clips. But it's not an easy start, I'm doing this all on my own without a help from the world. It's a one man show, erm, in this case, one woman show! I'm the owner, the worker, the designer, the blogger, the crafter (oh, what a name for someone who does craft, sounds weird, don't you think) and also the one who will be doing the packaging right up to delivery or posting it.

Where do I get the time to do all this with a 5 yo cheeky boy and a one year old baby girl? I'm proud I did it. Money and gold bullion don't just drop down from the sky. We got to earn it, to me it's all hardwork. I believe one day it'll pay off.

Hip replacement went wrong?

Gosh, this is bad! Have you heard of someone you know with a hip replacement surgery went wrong? It was estimated that over 90,000 such cases was recalled due to a faulty DePuy Hip Implant. To make things worse, these people might need a second and third correction surgery. Thank God when my sister had her knee surgery, everything went well. Well, she was bruised and limping for 2 weeks after the surgery but thank God she had a full recovery. Can't even imagine her limping because of some faulty implant! That's scary.

If I were one of these unlucky people, I will sue the company to the very last dollar they have. Make them bankrupt. Oh well, that's not quite possible actually. But at least make them pay. Get the best hip recall lawyer there is ever. My Texas Truck Accident Attorney might even know where I can get help from. Help is so on the way. Find them here. O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

October 28, 2010

Bad or good neighbors?

I've been living in the city for about 12 years now, and one thing I can be very honest with you is that in my 12 years of living with neighbor on both left and right side of my house, I haven't yet befriended a neighbor so good that I ever invited them over to my house for a meal, up to now. My current neighbor is fantastic because my mom started off being nice to them and they eventually know we're nice people so lately there's a lot of food sharing going on in between. If it weren't my mom, I won't even know who my neighbors are. So, she's actually a primary school teacher and she runs a tuition center after school. She's the only neighbor I have, I mean those I'm on talking terms with. My opposite house neighbor, I hardly see them. They hurried into their house every time they are back home and never once smile at us. So, we thought, who cares! I don't!

It has become a norm to live this way in the city, oblivious to the people around us. Isn't it sad? Everyone is so concern over their own safety that they even think their neighbour is the bad cop. Seriously. As bad as it sounds, it's actually happening everywhere. Imagine your house broken in by some burglars, they took away all your gold coins and your possession, your neighbor who actually seen what happened act as if he doesn't a thing, he can't even be bothered to call you, let alone call the cops. Opps, and he didn't have your mobile number! Sad isn't it.. I think everyone should make an effort to befriend their neighbor, at least try to get to know them. What do you have to share with me about this?

October 27, 2010

Pest control

Bugger, the kitchen cabinet has been infested by termites, again! We actually had the termite control people come and do come drilling to get rid of the termites, and we paid thousands for it. And to say that they gurantee that it's gonna last 5 years is a total bullshit. It has only been 3.5 years and now we're already seeing of some termites in the kitchen cabinet.
You know the dusty bits trail that leads right up to the wall or on the floor are all signs of pest! Can't believe it we paid so much to get rid of it and now we'll have to fork out thousands to get it done again. We should really get some reliable help from source trustworthy like Houston Pest Control. I heard they are very professional too.

Road bully

Don't you find it annoying that some people behave like king in the public, as if they are the ruler of the country, oblivious to the people around them. Here in Malaysia especially, 30% drivers on the road are road bully, not obeying the law. Cut queue, run traffic lights, turning without the signal light on, oh the list can go forever.

Today I had a bad encounter with a driver, thinking that driving a big car gives them the license to KILL on the road, almost knocked into a pedestrian because he was speeding so fast. Then worse thing is, he zoomed away as if nothing happened. I reckoned that time Depuy Lawsuit will come in handy. I don't care if you owned the biggest mansion or most fast car, but please have some manners.

October 20, 2010

Kids reward system

Shern came back from school today and proudly showed me his English spelling where he scored 100 marks. While we're at it, I told him to do some back-count on the amount of reward stickers I owe him, way back from late August, and that probably come up to 50 stickers easily.

One sticker is worth a dollar, boy, he has a lot more in his pocket now. But this darling of mine said, he's going to collect more reward stickers and planning to 'reward' himself with an iPad! This coming from my almost 5 years old boy. Kids nowadays, are they ambitious or what?

I told him that as much as I dislike him to play games on PSP, Nintendo, Wii, iPhone or iPad (which he has none of the above), I promised that he can buy whatever he likes with his reward money because he earned it. Of course, there will be parental control when it comes to playing games. He was literally feeling out of the moon, 'into the outer space'- as he likes to describe it.

As for now, he can dream as far as to the United States Gold Bureau, I got to bring him back to reality, he got to do well in school or else his dream of owning a iPad will never come true, so much so with owning gold coins.

October 19, 2010

Baby hair accessories for sale..

I've been busy making bows and baby hair accessories for sale. Hopefully I'll be able to post it up for sale somewhere next week. I'm still waiting for my accessories tag card to arrive. I've sent it for printing somewhere last week and with some glitch here and there, it's not ready yet.
Hopefully the design looks nice on print. Can't wait to see it myself.

October 18, 2010

15yo Birthday boy

My 15 years old brother celebrated his Birthday on Saturday. Of course, my mom and aunt prepared all the glorious home cooked food for the party. Actually only close family were invited, to say that we have 11 siblings, we already have a big crowd. Say 30, siblings, spouses plus kids, plus a few aunties and uncles. Phew, my family is huge.

So my brother Isaac was overjoyed as he got many monetary gifts from relatives, he has been collecting money to buy a guitar and a laptop and my guess is he is now a few hundred dollars richer.

I have yet to gave him a pressie, since he's still short of cash, I might as well gave him a hundred dollars instead of getting him a pressie he might not even like. Girls like gold bullion especially those from a reputable gold seller like United States Gold Bureau, but guys, I'm not so sure. But then again, who doesn't like gold? Everyone does!

My God that never fails to provide

I'm thankful that God has been providing us with everything that we need. Everytime we lack something, especially financially, God never fail to provide, from different source. Like hubs inheriting money from his long gone aunt, or friends giving us back money owned ages ago. That's how amazing God is.

To say that, I'm so thankful that God's grace and mercy is upon us, keeping us safe and sound wherever we are, He is an amazing God, nothing can compare with , absolutely nothing.

October 16, 2010

$2.99 for a game

Shern had so much fun playing with Lynd's iphone over the weekend. He even knows how to download new games from the appstore. We reminded him a thousand times not to download any paid apps, only those with FREE written on it. So he actually gets it, until he saw a BEN 10 game in the paid apps. He secretly downloaded a $2.99 apps and didn't tell us until my sister discovered it.
He loves Ben 10 character, that the whole world knows, he thinks that he can get away with it, if Lynd never finds out, it's dissappointing that he's not obeying instructions.
Well, kids don't know the value of money, don't even know that some people got to work hard to even earn a dollar, let alone 3! Give them a gold coins and they might even trade it off for a 20cents ice-cream. Talking about kids being kids.

October 15, 2010

Bro's Birthday

There'll be another party at home this weekend. It's my youngest brother's birthday, and instead of eating out, mom opted to cook at home. Afterall, mom cooks really delicious food and make fantastic kuih muihs. Isaac just finished his PMR and he couldn't be any happier to spend the weekend with us brothers and sisters in KL.
It's sure going to be a very happening weekend.

September 25, 2010

High living expenses

It's getting more and more expensive to live in the city nowadays. Eating out, a meal for a family easily cost 200! And we're not even talking about good, expensive 5 star hotel food. It's just a meal at a normal restaurant. What's more, the school fees for a 5 year old is much more expensive in the city compare to the urban areas, say $340 vs $80, and again, it's the normal standard school and not too international privatized ones. Sigh!

The worst thing is, while price for everything increases steadily like every quarter of the year, but not the people's earning. Many companies are very thrifty when it comes to salary increment, starting by 0.5percent. That's what my friend told me, and it happened to her company. How pathetic is that.
How I wish, earning money is as easy as collecting gold bullion that dropped down from the sky! ::Daydreaming::

September 22, 2010

Pain that won't go away

I don't know when it all started but I think it was when I was pregnant with Maine, at about 6 weeks into the pregnancy that I get this butt pain that just gets more severe as the pregnancy progress. It's like my thigh were ripped apart, with a bull dozer on each side on my leg, putting all the pressure on my butt. And oh, how it hurts when I want, sleep, get up after sitting for too long. I bear with the pain, thinking it will go away after I had my baby, so it did go away, but recently I experience the pain which is worse than those I had during the pregnancy.

Occasionally I get this butt pain if I over worked myself from sitting for too long, or carrying heavy stuff! I really have no idea if this should be the case, but every single article I read online suggest seeking medical advice for sprain back, maybe I should consult a Accutane Lawsuit firm, perhaps it has something to do with Accutane injury. Erm, no harm seeking a free consultation.

September 21, 2010

Birthday Boys

My mom was with here with us for the weekend, and over the weekend, we celebrated Marcus and BB Ethan's Birthday. Wow, so much food over the weekend and I do not even dare to step on the weighing machine yet. Ouch! Hate the feeling of being fat!
Marcus 8th Birthday falls on 17th September, we had a kids party at home for his school mates and cousins. His dad hired a clown for 500 bucks and the inflated balloon thingy (the thing where kids jump in it when inflated), what do you call those? Well, let's just say the balloon castle la.
Woohoo..the kids had so much fun, they didn't want to go home! I kid you not!!

Then we had a hi tea on Ethan's 1st Birthday, so much food we had with a good time catching up. Oh, I'm all out for another great weekend!! Yippie!'s only Wednesday. Darn!

September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Marcus

September 17th is Marcus Birthday.

Today we'll be celebrating his birthday with his friends, mainly his classmates. Anyway, I went to Toys R Us wanting to find a birthday gift for Marcus, but then, all I see is expensive rubbish! Literally none! I ended up not buying him any toys, as I thought it's a waste of money. Money can sure be put to good use, like investing in a pair of good shoes, or buying bullion for keepsake. We Chinese love to buy gold as Birthday gift, as it has good value.

Anyway, from what was supposed to be a trip to Toys R Us getting a gift for Marcus, I came home empty handed. I wanted to get him a pair of roller blade but couldn't find any stores selling it, gave up and went home.

Party starting at 10.30am, I got to catch some sleep and wake up early tomorrow to prepare the food. His dad actually hired a clown! Oh, this party is going to be a blast. It's time to party!

September 13, 2010

My baby girl- a rose among the thorns

Call me lucky, I have a boy and a girl. Proud to say that my princess is the first girl born into this generation, after 10 boys amongst my siblings. I am so blessed! Just like a rose among the thorns, my baby girl is always surrounded by a group of lovely cousin boys, and always playing with the guns and trucks the boys has around the house. Should I be worried that she's going to grow up like a tomboy? Erm, I'm not worried at all. I believe as she grows older, she will be fond of girly things.

She's a very lucky girl, even though she's only one, she already has tonnes of hair accessories, dresses she got as gifts from friends and relatives. I even bought barbie dolls for her way before she was born, but she's too young for it. Once she's over two years old, I think she will love playing dres up with those dolls. You know, maybe practice her fashion sense and skills on a doll, who knows she'll grow up wanting to be a fashion designer or even a make up artist. Maybe then we can enroll her in the Regency Beauty Institute. Well, it's never to early for mommy to dream, isn't it?

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Blog sidebar appears below the post!

Sharks, I'm having a problem here with my other blog. The previous blog template was actually a very nice one, but I was itching to change it, then the ultimately bad happened, no matter what blog template I choose, the size bar will drop way down below the post! Arggh! And I tried adjusting the width and everything in html, but it just won't work! Now my blog looks retarded.

Itchy hands, big headache!

If you happened to google this problem and found me, please drop me a comment- I mean a solution. Thanks!

September 12, 2010

Happy Holidays..

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri in the world. For us here in Malaysia, we’re on a week long holiday! Shern’s kindergarten gets an extra day of holiday on Monday, while Marcus will be back in school on Monday. Now that it’s holiday, the kids are so taking it easy at home, playing with toys toys toys all the time, I’ve banned them for watching TV so they don’t get to watch telly unless they secretly do it when I wasn’t aware.

The maid is one lucky lady, I present her with a watch as gift for this Raya, and my eldest sister actually bought her a pair of very beautiful gold earrings. She has been wanting to get herself a pair of gold necklace, asking us to bring her to the goldsmith when we’re free, but we’re always not free. Hmmpph. But nevertheless, she’s a good maid and I think she deserves everything we gave her. Just hope that she’ll keep all the gifts we gave her over the years, gold bullion or not, to herself, and not to pawn it when she goes back.

August 30, 2010

Teaching kids the value of money

As a parent, I think it's absolutely important that we teach the kids the value of money, first by telling them that everything is worth something and that money should not be spent unnecessarily. I believe in letting my son earns what he wants. Say, if he wants a toy, then he should earn it by having good behavior or by getting good result,knowing that as he does, he's in for a treat. That way, he will appreciate what he gets more, and in the process learns that money do not drop from the sky.

I actually started a reward scheme with the kids, a sticker for good behavior/ for getting perfect score in their spelling or homework. Each point has a value of a dollar. When they collected enough, they can cash it in to buy whatever they like. It's that cool? The kids love it, it makes them work harder and go extra mile for greater achievement.

Afterall, we're ourselves were not born with a silver spoon in a mouth, we worked hard to get to where we are today, and it sure helps knowing that that's also the value that we're teaching our kids, gold coins don't just drop down from the sky, you got to earn it.

August 28, 2010

Kids with many ambitions

I remembered when Shern was two years old, I asked him what he wants to be when he grows up, and he said, "a rally driver". When he got to three years old, his ambition remained the same, but I told him that a rally driver don't race all day long, and like most rally driver I know (unless those World Rally Champions), they actually have a decent job, a real job with an income, or even a business. That way, only they can support their passion in racing and rallying. His daddy is a race and rally driver, so I think dad must have influenced him somehow.
When he was four years old, he told me he wants to be a '"pirate". What?! A "pirate"?! Yeah he said. I was like, "Oh man, seriously?" Excitedly, he said, "yes, so I can fly a plane". Phheeeew! What a big relief. He actually wants to be a pilot, one that flies a plane. I like that. Until he gets married, daddy and mommy get to fly for free once a year.
I'm not sure if he's going to change his mind anytime soon and wants to be something else, but he has my blessing, as long as he's happy with his life, perhaps he wants to pursue an online military degrees to be an army, who knows.

August 13, 2010

Buy buy buy silver..

It's just crazy how much buzz silver bullion is getting on the Internet lately. It seems like every blogger I know has something to say about purchasing silver or gold. Well, everyone knows silver and gold are not cheap, but why is everyone so keen on buying them? How many silver bullion or accessories does one needs in his/ her safe box? Just buying it to let it sitting pretty in the safe? You think so? Then you are so wrong!

In fact, the craze of buying silver is all because silver appreciates tremendously over the past few years and the trend will be likely to continue for many years to come. Do you know that the world demand for silver now exceeds annual production, and has every year since 1990. If you have some money, then maybe you too should start investing in bullion. Yes, now it is indeed sitting pretty in the safe. Imagine the amount of return of investment you are going to make if the value of silver double, triple? What a nice dream come true eh..

August 12, 2010

Good Investment or new business venture

I seriously need to get down to business, earning a decent amount of money to help support this family. So what do you reckon I should do? Writing reviews is a good but offers are so not consistent and if I really rely on this amount of money to buy food, then we would have starve to death long time ago. I can take blogging as a part time thingy, but definitely not a full time job.

So, I actually thought of venturing into baby and kids clothes line, having my own labels and all, sounds so glamorous, but the thing is I just don't know where to start. Or maybe my problem is that I procrastinate too much. I know I got to take a bold step, so even if I failed, at least I know I'll learn something out of it. If everything else fails, maybe I'll just invest all my money into buying gold bar, the only safe and stable investment because the thing with gold value that it will only appreciates. No risk but then to me, I need something to do I can be satisfy with. Gold investment is a 'comfortable' investment.

Now where do I start, my sister and I, we registered a, printed our own woven labels, had some ideas on what designs we want, did some samples, and now the thing is where do we find a good and affordable garment factory to help us with our clothes? You know of anyone? Please drop me a line if you do.

August 10, 2010

Shop with Bucketload

Hello blog readers, just in case you still didn't know, I'm the proud owner of Bucketload, an online blogshop that sells genuine handbags, and authentic kidswear for kids. I have recently uploaded some Coach merchandise for sale, and also some very nice kids clothes from brands such as Gap, Old Navy, Guess, DKNY, Levis, United Colors of Benetton, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Osh Gosh Bgosh. You can be sure that you're not buying fake goods from us.
So feel free to browse and just to let you know, for purchase of all kids clothings, you get free shipping.

July 30, 2010

Do you save?

I don't know about the rest of the stay-at-home mom, but I'm surely not one that have loads in my savings account. I know of some wives who keep a big portion of what was given to them by their husband. Well, they spend thriftily on the household while the savings in their bank got 'fatter and fatter'. Feeding their savings account instead.
So like I said, I'm not one who save a lot of money, I am the kind of wife and mother who splurge on good food, clothes and nice household items and loves decorating our home, thus NO SAVINGS! Poor thing!

I'd rather use the money to buy silver bullion, better returns, wiser investment. Or maybe use it to splurge on some beautiful silver accessories for my daughter and myself. ::evil laughs::

July 27, 2010

What was I thinking?

Call me blur and laugh all you want. I actually washed my face with this.

I mean that was an accident, not intentionally. OK, maybe I was blur and still half asleep, maybe I wasn't familiar with my sister's facial cleanser, i used it the night before, her cleanser is also in a white bottle with red wording, so maybe I wasn't thinking. I just grabbed it and slap it on my face. Hair-loss shampoo as facial cleanser. ::slap forehead::

July 22, 2010

Gold for keepsake

Our current maid has been with us for almost 2 years now, she's very hardworking and loyal to us. Her contract will be expiring soon this December and we're keeping our fingers crossed that she will renew her contract with us for another year, or more.

She has been wanting to buy some gold for keepsake. As the price of gold keep increasing, she suggested that she rather buy sooner than later. My sister and I bought a gold necklace for her last year, and now she wants to buy either a ring or a bracelet. Maybe I should suggest that she buy gold coins instead. She might not even know that gold coins actually fetch a better price, because it has currency value too.

of course we don't mind buying her another gold accessories, she has been a very good maid, and maybe gold is a good gift for her to remember us by. What do you think?

July 21, 2010

Baby shoes for Maine

Maine is learning to stand unsupported and I reckon she will be walking before she turns one. My bet is on her 11month, just like her brother.

But until she can walk steadily, I need to get her another pair of prewalking shoe. I love these few, aren't they just too chio? The red one is totally chinesey chio! And the pink one is so ballerina chio! Maybe I should just get all three for Maine.

July 1, 2010

Gold gold gold!

What a nice gold bangle this is. I personally prefers gold bangle to gold bracelet. I think it looks more elegant and beautiful. I have a gold bangle (without the blink blink of course) I hardly wear, you know how dangerous it is to wear gold nowadays, no one wants to fall victim to the snatch thief, so I'd rather see it 'sit' nicely in the safebox than to parade it. This pair of bangle is now in my wish list, when I can afford one.

If only I listened to my mom's advice to invest in gold, I would have bought many more. And maybe now I can trade in one of my gold bangle and get a new diamond bangle for myself. Too bad, I never listened. Those days, gold is so cheap compare to the price now. It was like 35 per gram and now 10 years later, it's 120 a gram! How many fold increase that is? You do the math. So be wise, invest in gold, whatever it is, buy gold coins,gold bar, gold accessories or whatnot, you'll be amazed at your return on investment 10 years down the road.

Miu miu glazed tote

Bummer, bummer bummer! Saw this bag on net-a-porter on sales and when I clicked on it, it's sold out. The moment I saw it on sales, I thought, this must be my lucky day, almost 300 pounds cheaper. Darn, not so lucky I guess. I love this bag oh so much..

Where can we get help?

Lying on the hospital bed is a friend of mine. He's in the hospital, suffers a 60% burn on his face and body, he has been in this condition for a month now. He's a tough guy, he will sure recovers from this I'm sure. He's a mechanic, the car that he was repairing caught fire, started off as a spark in the fuel tank and it exploded. Poor thing. He was in unconscious state for over 2 weeks, and has to go through multiple surgery to fix his wounds and skins.

It didn't help that his Blood type is B negative, and there's only a handful of people with this blood. There's always a shortage of B- blood in the blood bank thus delaying his surgeries again and again. And the saddest thing of all is that, he hasn't got any close family to care for him now, his mom passed away and no one knows where's his dad whereabout. He has an uncle, who is not financially capable himself.

I wonder if there's any legal representation like the
Austin dog bite lawyer that we can go to here in Malaysia to fight for his case. Apparently, negligence is how this accident happened, and sad to say, the employer is not even helpful to assist him financially.

June 30, 2010

Vertu Ferrari

Oh, vertu!

This is like..the most expensive phone on earth! I heard the retail price for 20K usd. You are kidding me? My hubs once told me that when he has a vertu, that means he has made it. As in filthy rich? Millionaire? Billionaire? Erm, no he hasn't got one yet, meaning he has not made it.

Why blogging in my pyjamas?

You know the only reason I named this blog- Blogging in my pyjamas was because I had so much free time, I can basically sit home in my pyjamas all day, and not stepping out of the house at all. Oh ya, those were the days.

Now, my daily routine started at 7, fetching my son to school at 8am class, then again to fetch my nephew to tuition class and again to pick up my son at 12:45pm everyday! And on Monday and Wednesday, I got to send him to his tuition class. So, there goes all my time. And not to mention my 10 months old daughter at home to take care of.

And now, blogging in peace is not quite possible! My time at home or outside are normally occupied with my kids, they being the first priority in my life, something I so willingly do for them, you don't know how much you can love someone until you have kids.

June 1, 2010

If I'm filthy rich..

..then most probably I'll spend my wealth of gold accessories. Which girl gets enough of accessories? Hair accessories, bracelet, anklet, pendant, bangles, necklaces, rings, earring, the list goes on and on. I mean, gold can be quite pricey, but then looking back 10 years back when gold was only 30 bucks per gram, I wished I bought tonnes of it. The price of gold has never dropped, in fact it has risen over the years to over 120 bucks per gram. That's a superbly fast and amazing increase, nothing comes close to such high values, not even the gases. Oh, if only I knew.

I mean, how fun would it be to be able to have many gold accessories, wearing it out, dolling up with different accessories, and knowing that the value of every piece of gold will only gets higher? That's a superb investment isn't it? Maybe I should start of by asking hubby for a gold accessory every birthday and every anniversary. It's never too late to start investing in gold I guess. Or we could start to buy gold coins for his birthday too.

Pursuing my dreams

It's late at night, and I'm still awake trying to figure out some questions that has been playing in my mind. I'm actually considering getting back into the workforce, to be financially independent and to be more productive in terms of work, and the other thing that weighs me down is how my kids are going to cope? Shermaine who is still on breastfeeding, will be a major challenge, Shern who is so used to having mommy around all the time, will have a hard time adjusting to not having mommy around 24/7.

A question so easy yet so tough. I need to weigh the pros and cons myself and figure out what's best for the kids and I. Of course, I dream of starting my own business, but that's obviously easier said than done, it requires a lot more of my time and a lot more hardwork than one can imagine, maybe I should just head to Louisiana Cosmetology School, pick up some skills there and have a beauty saloon of my own, doing what I'm most passionate about? Well, I'm lost, what do I do? What's best for me and my kids?

May 24, 2010

Buying gold or rubbish?

Kids nowadays are so hard to please. Or is it just my son who has so many never ending request? Well, for starters, almost every time we are out at the mall, he will ask for a toy. When he tells me he wants to buy a toy, he will go, "you bought 2 things already and I bought nothing yet!" or just one toy only la, any toy mommy choose". Truth to be told, I'm generous when he ask for anything lesser than 5 ringgit, but anything that goes beyond 10, expect if it's for good quality toys like die cast toys or lego, he got to be more persistent in begging mom to buy.

And every time we're at the store, there will be this debate on who gets to see his/her things first. If mommy gets to go to the boutique first, then the next stop should be a toy shop. What a demand from a 4.5 years old kiddo, it's so not a request anymore. But of course, mommy usually don't give him to his request, it just doesn't make sense to buy a toy everyday. I mean, I don't mind buying toys if its value can appreciate over time, but to me, toys are just rubbish! That's how I always say to the kids, "buy rubbish". It's it better to just spend the money occasionally to buy gold bullion? It's a keepsake and also it's a good investment.

April 29, 2010

For Sale: Brand New Gucci Sukey Medium Tote in Guccisima Leather

Sukey' medium tote with pleat detail, detachable interlocking G charm, and studs.
  • light brown guccissima leather with light brown leather trim
  • light gold hardware
  • double handles with 6.3" drop
  • tab snap closure and side snaps
  • inside zip pocket
  • 15"L x 4.7"W x 10.2"H
Condition 100% Brand New, bought in Milan, Italy. Comes with dust bag. Now selling for RM4800/ SGD 2000.

::Bigger or thinner?::

What do people do when they want to lose weight fast and effectively? If you're not a gym person like me, then you better get serious about dieting, which I'm also not a big fan of. Now you know why I'm not a size 0. In fact I'm not even a size 8 or 10 nowadays. I just naturally get larger with every baby I had. Pregnancy and my body are really not the best of buddies! Bummer.

I love to eat, I really do. Food and me, we go everywhere together hand in hand, like BFF. You know BFF, Best Friends Forever! When I'm standing in front of the mirror every time after I shower, I make a self note: (Eat lesser today). Then when I see my BFF, I totally forgot my note-to-self, then I overeat! What is so tough about dieting, I just don't get it. I really don't get it.

I should really get serious about losing weight, now that it's been almost 8 months since I gave birth. People said that after a year of child birth, losing weight will be twice the effort. Well, it is already twice the effort for me, so dare I think about next year? As a last resort, I might want to try ALRI CR2, and with the help of the dance dance revolution mat, I reckon at least I can flatten my tummy a little. An inch or two is good enough for me. Or maybe I'll even ended up getting the dramatic effect of a body builder. LOL!

April 28, 2010

I'm so proud of him, can?

My four years old Shern is in five years old class, he's a December baby, so now you know how it all makes sense that he's in the five years old class. I'm really proud how he's improving in school. At the end of his four years old semester, he got the 'Best Improvement Award", and there's no stopping there. His teachers have been telling me that he has improved tremendously since the beginning of the year, and when he got home from school this afternoon, he told me that 'teacher Helena told him that he got the Best Student of the Month Award!

I'm so proud of him, can?

April 21, 2010

A challenge plays!

A challenge plays!

April 18, 2010

What are they going to be?

Many times, things are easier said than done. As a mother, very often we want our kids to grow up to be what we want them to be. A doctor, lawyer, a teacher, a surgeon, or any professional job for that matter. Since young, we plant the seed in them that every kid should one day take up these profession, to make them look good and of course make their parents proud. What if my kids grow up to be a mechanic instead of an engineer, or a school teacher instead of a highly paid lecturer or whatever, will you be proud of them?
As a mother, knowing them I brought them up well, I think I have no worries of whatever they will become, even if their dream is to pursue cosmetology school in Indiana, I guess as long as they are happy with their life, it's their choice, their decision their live. Note to self: be happy for them, not whatever makes you as a parent feel good.

April 2, 2010

We'll be away...

I'm looking forward to going home to my mom, have a good meal and catch up with my aunties and uncles back home. It's the cheng beng weekend you see. A day where people go to the grave to pay respect for the departed ones. You know it's always a good feeling to go home to mommy's, the warmth and the coziness you feel, the place you grew up, the friends you have since you were kindergarten. Life back then was so simple and stress-free, caring not a thing about other people but myself.

But now, married with 2 kids, life is all about them kids. In a way, there's always the kids to consider before everything else, they are the priority number one! I'm happy though. You know how sometimes I cannot help thinking how the kids are going to survive without me? How do I want them to remember me by? Of course, the photographs and the things I owned. I'm not sure about people of other races, but Chinese people love to buy gold for keepsake and for memory sake. Of course, they also buy gold coins. Just ask any Chinese people you know, chances are high that they inherit at least a few pieces of gold accessories from the grandmother or whoever that might be.

March 3, 2010

For Sale: NewCo Spirulina


Spirulina is 100% natural and a highly nutritious micro salt water plant. It was discovered in South American and Africa in natural alkaline lakes. This spiral shaped algae is a rich food source. For a long time (centuries) this algae has constituted a significant part of the diet of many communities. Since the 1970's, Spirulina has been well known and widely used as a dietary supplement in some countries.

Spirulina contains rich vegetable protein (60~ 63 %, 3~4 times higher than fish or beef ), multi Vitamins (Vitamin B 12 is 3~4 times higher than animal liver), which is particularly lacking in a vegetarian diet. It contains a wide range of minerals (including Iron, Potassium, Magnesium Sodium, Phosphorus, Calcium etc.), a high volume of Beta- carotene which protects cells (5 time more than carrots, 40 time more than spinach), high volumes of gamma-Linolein acid (which can reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease). Further, Spirulina contains Phycocyanin which can only be found in Spirulina.


• Supports the immune system
• Increases the efficiency of cellular communication
• Helps in the repair of DNA
• Many people taking spirulina find they have more energy
• Lowers cholesterol - Japanese and Indian studies have found that taking several grams of spirulina every day lowers cholesterol. In these studies, serum low density lipoproteins (the 'bad' cholesterol) was reduced, and high density lipoproteins (the 'good' cholesterol) were increased.
• improvement in the functioning of heart arteries, which is important for sufferers of high blood pressure.
• Detoxification

Who should take Spirulina?

1. Children who don’t like or get enough vegetables and or have an imbalanced food intake.
2. Teenagers during their rapid growing period need a sufficient injection of nutrients. Spirulina is ideal for this.
3. Pregnant mums who need extra nutrients.
4. Seniors who have difficulty in having reasonable average 3 meals per day.
5. Sport lovers or athletics who need extra nutrients to keep their energy levels up.
6. Modern busy people who don't have the time to eat good meals.
7. Patients or people who need high volumes of nutrients to assist recovery (please consult your doctor)
8. Vegetarians who require extra nutrient sources.

Who shouldn't take too much Spirulina?

1. People with hyperparathyroidism.
2. People who have serious allergies to seafood or seaweed.
3. Patients current experiencing high fever.

How much Spirulina should be taken?

We suggest 10~ 30 tablets a day for adults, 5~ 15 tablets for children 2 - 12 years old. If you have special requirements for extra nutrients, please consult your chemist or your health practitioner.

How should Spirulina be taken?

1. Take only with cold or warm water, (not juice, soft drinks, coffee or tea).
2. After taking Spirulina, avoid alcohol, soft drinks or coffee for 30 minutes as these drinks can destroy some of the Spirulina nutrients and enzymes.
3. Take at least an extra half litre of water a day.
4. It doesn't matter if you take it once a day or twice a day, so long as you take enough for a day.

NewCo Spirulina is a health food with medicinal values. It has the desired complementary effect treatment for a number of diseases. NewCo Spirulina is specially manufactured from 100% international top quality Spirulina powder. The superb quality product is enriched with minerals and vitamins.

100 % HALAL
100% GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise)


NewCo Natural Spirulina (1000 Tablets),
W.M :RM 118
EM :RM 128



*Minimum 2 bottles per order*
*Special rate for 10 bottles and above*

For COD:
FREE delivery for places below:

a. Damansara/Bandar Utama
b. Subang Jaya
c. Sunway
d. Petaling Jaya

*Free delivery for all other areas within Klang Valley subject to availability.

For other locations:
All Domestic or International Courier Charges will be fully borne by buyer.

1. Kindly key in all relevant information and email us to ensure a speedy response.

Please copy and use the format below:
Contact No:
Mailing Address:

2. Filling out of the order does not mean an order has
been accepted; we can only process your order upon
receipt of payment.

3. All orders will be confirmed by email. If you do not
hear from us after one working day please contact us

6. All orders must be paid via internet fund
transfer (Maybank2u),Cash Deposit or Cash On Delivery (COD).

9. Cancellation can only be done within 24 hours after payment has been made and we will refund your payment in full amount. After 24 hours upon payment received, no order cancellation will be entertained.

All information in this website is subject to change without prior notice.


DISTRIBUTORS WANTED, kindly email us at

February 13, 2010

A Prosperous Chinese New Year

Another year just zoomed by right in front of my very own eyes. Where did all the time goes? Can't believe it's another year tomorrow. Well, for the Chinese I am. Tomorrow marks the first day of the year in the Chinese calendar, the year of tiger, which also translates roaring prosperity and luck. Maybe it's also a time to buy gold bullion, given that the Chinese loves the gold, for it signifies wealth, especially now that the Gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) will soon be hitting the Thailand stock market, which means the price of gold will go soaring high!
Anyway, my family and I will be going back to our hometown tomorrow for a big family reunion, with glorious good food and great company, catching up on what's happening in our lives and of course a lot of fireworks display on the eve of Chinese New Year. Well, that's what the kids look forward to every year.
Here's wishing all my dear bloggers and readers a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 2010!

February 12, 2010

New items at Bucketload

I've uploaded some very pretty pieces in my Bucketload blogshop. Pretty OshKosh dress, Collar tee Calvin Klein shirt for boys, one blue navy Polo Ralph Lauren dress for baby and also take note that I'll be uploading the I LOVE MOM / I LOVE DAD Pajamas very very soon. This sleepwear is now selling like hot cake fresh from the oven. Be a Bucketload follower to get the latest blog post.

February 11, 2010

Shermaine starting solid food

This is what Shermaine is capable of doing now. New stunt for a new year. She can now turn to her tummy and vice versa with such a breeze, no effort like. She's sure growing up well, in fact I noticed that her appetite has grown like almost double. Maybe it's a sign that I should start her on solid food soon. In fact, I steamed a small potato with some carrot today for her, and she loves it to bits. Starting solid at 5 months, 1 week and 2 days old. I guess it's about time this little chick starts to eat. And man, she just grabs everything she come across and put it in her mouth.

January 21, 2010

The festive season

It's been ages, hasn't it? I've been super busy with basically everything from the kids, to refurnished the bedroom, to having a 4.5 months old baby that loves to cling on to my boobs every time I allow her to, to trying to stock up my blogshop for new merchandise for this coming Chinese New Year, oh this list can go on forever and ever.

Mom has been telling me that I should start spring cleaning the house for Chinese New Year which is like less than 4 weeks away. but where in the world can I find time to spring clean my house? By mommy's term, spring cleaning includes digging and spilling everything out from their respective places, say the bookcase or the wardrobe and throw out what is old and rearrange what other things we want to keep. That's one hell of a task. Furthermore, with only one maid now, poor soul really hasn't got enough time to sleep. Nah, deal with the dirty house and dusty curtains, will ya?

Anyway, we won't be celebrating Chinese New Year in my house. We will be heading back home town to granny's place, though granny is no longer around, we still go back there every year. That's where our family still gathers every year. I love it there during this festive season. Seriously, as much as I love the white sandy beach at Riviera Maya, the glorious food and the exceptional holiday experience, I'd rather be in that old village to celebrate Chinese New Year in that wooden house. Note to the hubs: All other family vacation can wait. We're going home this Chinese New Year.

January 18, 2010

Check out my Bucketload

If you haven't check my blogshop lately, make sure you do. We are having a price slash for most of the items, expect for some new arrivals, which is as good as 10-20% discount on all the Gap, Old Navy, Levis, Guess, Replay items.
Those Gap sweaters are selling like hot cake and dirt cheap too. Grab yours now at Bucketload, from price as low as 35!

January 11, 2010

My 4 months old chick

This is my little pumpkin at 4 months old. Isn't she chubby? Oh, never mind the double chin, it runs in the family. Argghh.. Hopefully that double chin thingy will not be a permanent thing on my little girl, like it is on me. I was never skinny, even as a little girl, always on the meaty side, see how decent and round I am now. She's such a joyful little thing, she smiles and cooes when she sees people, anyone, be it strangers. And she loves to be cuddles, who doesn't?
She can turn on her back and on her tummy too. It's hard to keep her in her baby cot nowadays as she yells for company. So I just leave her on the big mattress so that she can have much more space to explore. And yes, she can crawl now, though just a little bit.

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