September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Marcus

September 17th is Marcus Birthday.

Today we'll be celebrating his birthday with his friends, mainly his classmates. Anyway, I went to Toys R Us wanting to find a birthday gift for Marcus, but then, all I see is expensive rubbish! Literally none! I ended up not buying him any toys, as I thought it's a waste of money. Money can sure be put to good use, like investing in a pair of good shoes, or buying bullion for keepsake. We Chinese love to buy gold as Birthday gift, as it has good value.

Anyway, from what was supposed to be a trip to Toys R Us getting a gift for Marcus, I came home empty handed. I wanted to get him a pair of roller blade but couldn't find any stores selling it, gave up and went home.

Party starting at 10.30am, I got to catch some sleep and wake up early tomorrow to prepare the food. His dad actually hired a clown! Oh, this party is going to be a blast. It's time to party!


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