September 21, 2010

Birthday Boys

My mom was with here with us for the weekend, and over the weekend, we celebrated Marcus and BB Ethan's Birthday. Wow, so much food over the weekend and I do not even dare to step on the weighing machine yet. Ouch! Hate the feeling of being fat!
Marcus 8th Birthday falls on 17th September, we had a kids party at home for his school mates and cousins. His dad hired a clown for 500 bucks and the inflated balloon thingy (the thing where kids jump in it when inflated), what do you call those? Well, let's just say the balloon castle la.
Woohoo..the kids had so much fun, they didn't want to go home! I kid you not!!

Then we had a hi tea on Ethan's 1st Birthday, so much food we had with a good time catching up. Oh, I'm all out for another great weekend!! Yippie!'s only Wednesday. Darn!


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