September 13, 2010

My baby girl- a rose among the thorns

Call me lucky, I have a boy and a girl. Proud to say that my princess is the first girl born into this generation, after 10 boys amongst my siblings. I am so blessed! Just like a rose among the thorns, my baby girl is always surrounded by a group of lovely cousin boys, and always playing with the guns and trucks the boys has around the house. Should I be worried that she's going to grow up like a tomboy? Erm, I'm not worried at all. I believe as she grows older, she will be fond of girly things.

She's a very lucky girl, even though she's only one, she already has tonnes of hair accessories, dresses she got as gifts from friends and relatives. I even bought barbie dolls for her way before she was born, but she's too young for it. Once she's over two years old, I think she will love playing dres up with those dolls. You know, maybe practice her fashion sense and skills on a doll, who knows she'll grow up wanting to be a fashion designer or even a make up artist. Maybe then we can enroll her in the Regency Beauty Institute. Well, it's never to early for mommy to dream, isn't it?

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