September 25, 2010

High living expenses

It's getting more and more expensive to live in the city nowadays. Eating out, a meal for a family easily cost 200! And we're not even talking about good, expensive 5 star hotel food. It's just a meal at a normal restaurant. What's more, the school fees for a 5 year old is much more expensive in the city compare to the urban areas, say $340 vs $80, and again, it's the normal standard school and not too international privatized ones. Sigh!

The worst thing is, while price for everything increases steadily like every quarter of the year, but not the people's earning. Many companies are very thrifty when it comes to salary increment, starting by 0.5percent. That's what my friend told me, and it happened to her company. How pathetic is that.
How I wish, earning money is as easy as collecting gold bullion that dropped down from the sky! ::Daydreaming::


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