September 22, 2010

Pain that won't go away

I don't know when it all started but I think it was when I was pregnant with Maine, at about 6 weeks into the pregnancy that I get this butt pain that just gets more severe as the pregnancy progress. It's like my thigh were ripped apart, with a bull dozer on each side on my leg, putting all the pressure on my butt. And oh, how it hurts when I want, sleep, get up after sitting for too long. I bear with the pain, thinking it will go away after I had my baby, so it did go away, but recently I experience the pain which is worse than those I had during the pregnancy.

Occasionally I get this butt pain if I over worked myself from sitting for too long, or carrying heavy stuff! I really have no idea if this should be the case, but every single article I read online suggest seeking medical advice for sprain back, maybe I should consult a Accutane Lawsuit firm, perhaps it has something to do with Accutane injury. Erm, no harm seeking a free consultation.


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