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April 29, 2008

Can you help?

See that feed logo to the right? Ok wait, I'll just paste it here in the blog.

That one. The RSS Feed and email subscription button. Can anybody tell me how I can redirect my feed at the button? I tried editing it in the widget, but it doesn't work and in HTML code, the feed link is no where to be seen! I so need help now.

As for the Technorati favorite, it automatically redirect to the Technorati page. What do I do now? Please help if you know how. Thanks.

Major Blog Make Over

I've got major heachache now, no thanks to lack of sleep. Here's why. I noticed that my blog has got lesser readers nowadays compared to before. Though I do not have a hit counter here, which I think I seriously need, for a boost, still i think this blog needs a major makeover. Which is why I spent endless hours looking for a nice template, then edit it to my liking. But there's still a lot of room for improvement i know. I'll do my best, I'm hoping you'd like it too.

Come on, leave me a nice comment.

April 28, 2008

Play it like a pro

Do you know that there's this thing called a poker calculator for you to calculate your odds of winning a poker game? Well, any poker player will tell you "know the odds to win the money" is the only poker strategy for your to win the game. And the good thing is, you can download it into your computer from It not only helps poker player Odds & Games Stats. but it also provide instant poker tips to make you a better player.

April 26, 2008

Epocrates medical reference software

People normally think that doctors or health care professional are not as tech-geek as they seems to be. I'm not surprise, one of our family friend who is a doctor has been asking my sister to teach him how to use a computer. And can you believe it, he didn't even know such a thing as Instant Messenger? Oh my!

I can imagine it will take a while for him to discover this thing call Epocrates medical reference software, a very simple to use free drug reference for blackberry and also for iphone. It is pocket size, suitable for palms and pocket pc and it gives instant reference to access the information needed to make prescribing decisions, so no more flipping on mega-thick healthcare reference books. No wonder it's now the most widely used medical reference software by healthcare professionals.

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”

April 24, 2008

Step on a Magic Garden

I was surfing and surfing online and found this perfect cute little step stool for kids. But let's admit it, we parents are more fascinated by these cute little things, and the fact is that we cannot resist not buying such cute things to grace our home kitchen. This looks like a mini fruit stall to me. But for 59.90 US dollar, I just change my mind.

April 16, 2008

Rent a car to explore the best of Hawaii

In my opinion, one of the biggest enjoyment when it comes to vacation is the freedom to explore. Which is why I dislike going on a holiday with a tour group where everything is fixed and has to be on schedule. You hardly get to explore the place by yourself, to me, this defeat the purpose of a holiday.

If you ever get to Hawaii, note that it's best that you get a car from the Hawaii Car Rental, hands down the cheapest car rental service in Hawaii. You can pick up your car at the airport so it saves you all the hassle of having to get a cab to your hotel. Not only that, with Hawaii Car Rental you don't pay until you arrive in Hawaii, so in case you cancel your trip at the very last minute, you don't have to worry about the forfeit. Even without upfront deposit, upon booking, you receive a Confirmation # without Creditcard Payment.

Best of all,
they charge No Fee for Young Drivers. So remember, the next time you're in Hawaii, get your car from Hawaii Car Rental.

Why oh why?

I don't know what's wrong, but two of my most recent paid post got rejected for no specific reason and resubmitting is not possible. There, my 19 dollar just flew away. Bummer.

I hardly get any offers nowadays, partly because I hardly have time to blog, and also offers are very limited nowadays. Hope thing will pick up pace soon.

::keeping my fingers crossed::

I'm not getting insomia, not now, not forever

I'm feeling like a zombie now. I just didn't know what got into me last night, I couldn't sleep until the sun almost rises. No amount of twist and turn, flipping front and back can settle me down. It felt as if my brain was not ready to rest, I felt so energetic yet sleepy.

Gosh, hope last night is a piece of history by itself with no repeat. Guess now I understand how hard is it for hubs to go to bed, sometimes it can take forever. I promise to be more understanding from now on, not to disturb him when he's sleeping. I promise.

April 15, 2008

Secret to having flawless complexion

What's the secret of having flawless, absolutely beautiful complexion? Well, now you're taking advise from a person who skin is not that flawless afterall. But I truly believe that by using proper natural skin care and drinking lots of water helps.

I wish I can be more like my mom when it comes to having the discipline to take care of myself. At 54 she still has the most radiant face than anyone her age. Everyday, she'll religiously go for a jog in the morning, apply anti aging products on her face without fail everyday. She just never missed a facial routine. But still, the most important thing is to make sure that the product you apply on your face is organic cosmetics, like those from Lavere.

Now, that AX is mine..

I'm just happy happy happy. My friend in US just replied me email saying that she will help me get those AX wristlet. Yeah. Now all i got to do is just wait. And also send her some pay pal money. But that's the good thing about doing paid post, having pay pal money to pay for online shopping addiction.

Wow, I really can't wait!

The evening I became a gardener

We sure had a very tiring evening. Man, who knew gardening is so exhausting? We practically dug out all the plants by the pond within a couple of hours because the pondside is getting a little unmanageable. It almost looked like a whole lot of bushes so I decided we should just get rid of all the bigger plants and replaced it with Garden Planters. And perhaps at a later time, I might want to get those Indoor Planter too.

I got the idea when I was out at the neighborhood nursery, those Planters on sale really did their charm. So the minute I got back home, I thought it'll be cool if we get to remodel our garden.

I'm glad we did. The garden looks much neater and nicer with
Outdoor Planters instead of a jungle of plants all sprouting out from a tiny plot of ground. No matter how pretty those Decorative Planters are, my favorite is still the classic terracotta High End Planter. ::wink::

I want this so badly

Half the time I'm on the Internet, I window shop. But what really bothers me is that I really only get to do window shopping. Most of the online store do not do shipping outside United States. Bummer.

Look at this denim wristlet from AX, it's on sales at 30usd, and I don't get to buy it. Anyone flying to US soon? Perhaps someone can get it for me then.

April 13, 2008

It's all about cars

It's true when people say that when you marry someone, you somehow became the person you marry. I cannot remember I have any passion for cars before I got to know my husband. But ever since we started dating, every thing we talk about is cars.

After so many years, I have learned a lot about cars too. Especially now that my husband's business is very much involved with auto transport. What's even better is that I get to drive all sorts of cars some can only dream of, cars like BMW 645, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Carrera 996 4S, Subaru S203 and many more.

But then, his jobs requires him to be at work for long hours, sometimes he hardly get to spend time with us at home. His job is to make sure that all the imported cars are handled by a reputable international car shipping company. After the car arrives here at the port, he has to make sure that all the cars are in good condition before they puts in on display in the car showroom.

It's a good thing that the Car shipping company he's dealing with provides excellent service that makes his job easier. It sure has saved him a lot of time and hassle too.

Anywhere I can buy flowers at 12.31 am?

Finally, it's a Sunday.

Tomorrow, we've got a mission to accomplish. That is to pay a visit to hub's parents and grandparents grave. Well, the Chinese All Souls Day was on the 4th, but since hubs relative wants it to be a family gathering plus a grave visit, they decided to do it tomorrow when everyone is free.

Dang, I totally forgot to buy some flowers. Guess I'll be going empty handed this year. Gosh, this is going to be embarrassing.

Got to wake up at 6am tomorrow. That leaves me very little time to steal some sleep. I've got another post to do. Good night for now.

April 7, 2008

Old folks on computers

It's really a surprise to know that many old folks are taking the initiative to learn how to use a computer. Some even take up computer classes just to be able to keep up with knowing to operate a computer, and to pick up basic skills along the way.

While majority illiterate-computer old folks learned to email and build a social network, some purely use it as an entertainment tool like playing games and
online casino. What else can surprise me now? Even a 70 year old granny know how what a online casino bluebook is.

And my mom has been asking us to get her an internet connection in her house, so that she can learn how to use a computer. Knowing my mom so well, I know she cannot wait to get her itchy fingers on the computer after seeing my aunt play online casino slot machine the other day. All my aunt mentioned was it is fun fun fun.

What a bummer

It;s 5.48 in the morning, and I woke up to a thousand mossie buzzing around my face and my ear. When I switched on the light, oh my, my little boy's face is like a spotty dog, he has mosquito bites all over his face. Good that he didn't wake up and made a fuss or anything.

And suddenly, all my tiredness just gone. I'm not sleepy anymore. Bummer.

April 3, 2008

If a marriage turns sour

Just like every other stay-at-home-mom(SAHM) and wife, I totally rely on my hubby when it comes to financial needs. You can say that he brings home the bacon while I run the household. Without him, I am as good as a beggar. It gives me shudder just to think that one day if he were to leave me for another chick, that's it. I'm finished.

You see, the thing with stay-at-home mom like me or all SAHM in general
is that we are a bunch of very insecure people who are stranded at home with kids. Though being mother is the greatest job on earth, we do not generate any income. Sad isn't it?

Once in a while, the wicked side of me tends to plan my what-if strategy, or call it my back up plan. There's no guarantee that a marriage will last forever, I'm just playing it safe by taking precautions. I know where I keep all of hubby's watches. Like every other Watch Buyers, he loves the collectibles, which means his watches are at least worth some money.

Touch wood, but just in case one day our relationship turn sour, I can grab all his watches and jewellery and ran away. Least to say, that will keep me off the streets, by selling his stuffs to the
Jewelry buyers. Not the brightest idea, but in difficult times, this plan is genius.

I don't know if diamond fetches better price than gold or watches, it's ok because I can always get free evaluation at the
Diamond buyers. But one thing for sure, hubby can make sure he gets absolutely nothing if he ever dare to be unfaithful to me. I will leave nothing valuable behind for him, or his stupid chick.

We're taking a break

We'll be going home to our hometown for Cheng Beng -Chinese All Souls Day. Not that we're superstitious people who worship our ancestor, but during cheng beng is a time when we remember those people who were once in our life. A day of remembrance.

Besides that, we'll be spending time with our family back home. Not forgetting the delicious food we can eat. Yummy.

Sharing boundaries

Call me a person with a very conservative mind, or simply selfish. But when it comes to my husband, I cannot see myself having such a big heart to see my hubs share a bowl of noodle soup with his lady friend, or giving her a free ride around town an entire day.

That's what happened to my husband's friend or what I've seen with my own eyes. Whatever you single ladies want to do, just stay away from married man. I mean, being friends is fine, but not cross the sharing boundary like sharing soup for crying out loud.

You can pretend nothing happened when you share a residency home together at Apogee Condo South Beach, totally oblivious to the existence of his wife or what? I totally disagree with having a lady friend so good, without the bad intention.

Outgrown 'em

How time flies, and how kids they grow even faster. When I bought this pair of sandals for Shern, it's too huge, and his feet just keep coming off from the strap in between. But of late, it's getting a little tight. His feet is the really stretching, like every other minute.

Now, mommy need to find another sandal for him. I've seen one I really like from Nike, but 149ringgit is way too pricey. Maybe I should get another one from Old Navy.

When are we going exactly?

Since Marcus was a little boy, say 2 years old, he has been begging his mom to bring him to Disneyland. His mother promised him that they'll go, only when Shern is old enough to walk by himself. That time, Shern was just a newborn baby. So on Marcus behalf, it's all about the waiting. For years.

Shern is not only walking now, he runs, he climbs, he wrestles too with Marcus, but we have yet to bring the kids there. Maybe when during the school holidays, because Marcus is now attending school, we cannot just scout off whenever we feel like it. Do you know that even during holiday seasons, you can get Discount Walt Disney World Tickets, only if you know where to find them.

No better timing

Oh no. I've got another five post to go, and my sister choose this time to get stuck in the highway. Her Discovery TD5 ran out of diesel. Talk about bad judgement, can't one tell when the gauge dropped dead so low for the orange light to flash?

Now, I've got to run. You know, empty at least 3 bottles of one liter bottle, hit the petrol station for diesel and drive another 7 km away to her rescue. I'll be back.

Bringing toddler to a holiday, yes or no?

It's been forever since we go for a holiday as a family, just the three of us. Most people will think that bringing a toddler on a holiday is full of hassle. On the other hand, a toddler is too young to know how to enjoy a holiday, for fussing about is what they do best at the age of two.

But I think otherwise. Our little boy is very alert to his surrounding, he could even remember the time when he was a year and a half, when we brought him to Perth for a holiday. He remembers the kangaroo and the koala bears. Besides, bringing a toddler together can sure make us bond better. Maybe this is the right time to go on a holiday. I'm thinking Las Vegas, oh I found really good deals on the Las Vegas Hotels.

Tiny feet: not so tiny anymore

Love these tiny feet of a two year old. I took them the feet when Shern is fast asleep. Even when I took off his socks, he didn't squeak a tiny bit. I guess he was just too tired from his day time drama, fighting and acting with cousin brother Marcus.

Though the photos have really dark background, I love how the sharpness of the feet contrast with the black.

April 2, 2008

That shall come out from your pay

I think I got the most brilliant idea. I shall deduct the maids salary if they were to make phone calls back to their home. After two years, what made me not so generous so suddenly? Because I found out that they've been secretly making phone calls to their friends. So logically, if they can afford paying to call some other nonsense friends they have, they should be able to afford calling home to their family.
For the past two years, I've been buying them IDD calling cards every other month to call home, other times I let them call using the cheap and affordable VoIP Phone Systems. You'll be surprised that VoIP calls are very clear and there's no lagging at all.

So with me deducting off an amount of their salary for prepaid cards, I have to worry less of them taking our money without permission to reload their phone credit. I think that's the only deal I can tolerate, with maids with phone.

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