April 2, 2008

That shall come out from your pay

I think I got the most brilliant idea. I shall deduct the maids salary if they were to make phone calls back to their home. After two years, what made me not so generous so suddenly? Because I found out that they've been secretly making phone calls to their friends. So logically, if they can afford paying to call some other nonsense friends they have, they should be able to afford calling home to their family.
For the past two years, I've been buying them IDD calling cards every other month to call home, other times I let them call using the cheap and affordable VoIP Phone Systems. You'll be surprised that VoIP calls are very clear and there's no lagging at all.

So with me deducting off an amount of their salary for prepaid cards, I have to worry less of them taking our money without permission to reload their phone credit. I think that's the only deal I can tolerate, with maids with phone.


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