March 16, 2011

RIP uncle..

Bad thing, my husband's uncle died and because he lived alone, no one know it until the very next day when they discovered him 'missing', after he didn't open his shop for business and when people realised that he wasn't answering his calls. He was found dead by his bed, his legs on the floor, probably died of a heart attack, no one knows the exact reason why. Because he was well into his 90's, the police said that there's no need for them to perform an autopsy on him. In that case, we see no point in hiring Austin personal injury lawyer, else we would have insist on an autopsy to find out the real reason behind his death. He actually soiled his himself, and that might be a clue that he had a heart attack.

Sad isn't it. He was all stiff when we arrived at his home, dead for more than at least 18 hours before he was discovered. That's the thing with living alone, you have to be independent but these things like heart attack, you don't know when it attacks, no precautions to take. Life is like that, it gets more and more fragile as one's age advances. May uncle rest in peace.


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