February 21, 2008

Fabulous doughnuts here

In this photo, you're suppose to see one glacier, two Almond flakes and two Oreos doughnuts. No, you can't see it right. My little monster thought he's so clever he decided to 'help' mommy to cut the doughtnuts for sharing. I left him at the table to attend to the newspaper guy and two minutes later, a box of yucky doughnuts came to greet me.

He was so happy he said, " mommy, see i so clever. i help mommy cut cut the doughnuts". Thank you darling but please...no next time alright.


yikes... hehehe, very thoughtful though.... but ah, dangerous lar... wat he cut with? scissors????? i hope not...

oh no! what happened to that? our consolation is that our kids are trying to help us and that is so sweet =)

oh ya, a little scissors. scary leh.

a box of supposingly to-die-for doughnuts turned wrong.

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