February 21, 2008

Suburbs, not just for desperate housewives

This is not a desperate housewife scenario. Big beautiful houses with a beautiful front yard maintained by the most handsome teenage boy in the neighbourhood. Everyone drives a posh car, miles and miles away from the bustling city. People sitting in front of their porch sipping english tea in the evening and kids car pool to school. Who wouldn't love that life?

In reality, more and more people are moving out of the city to the suburbs for a better improve quality of life, seeing that houses in the city are too expensive. People would rather trade a long commuter ride to work every single day in exchange for a bigger but cheaper mansion. Honestly, as for me, I won't even give a thought about moving into the suburbs where the air is cleaner. It will be a better place to live, especially for those family with kids.

Like it or not, based on a statistic given, every minute you travel away from the city, your house price is 1,000 dollar. The further you are away from the city, the cheaper your house is likely to be and not forgetting cheaper Mortgages. Love this idea of moving to the suburbs and be one of my neighbour at Wisteria lane?


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