February 27, 2008

Toner cartridges is making me broke

I've had enough of my almost new Inkjet photo printer. I bought this months ago after a salesman talked me into buying it. This was supposed to be the best available color printer in the market but yet it didn't live up to its name. I should have done my own printer research before buying this unit. How I wish I can trade it for another better one. Too late.

What's the use of getting a photo printer if it the printing quality is bad, not to mention the toner cartridge is almost impossible to find because the printer is too rare and also it is very expensive. I paid 200 dollars just for another set of ink. For your information, my printer only prints document and not photos. I cannot imagine how much ink I'll have to buy if I were to specialize the printer for photo printing.

Good news though, I found a place I can buy affordable and compatible alternatives printer cartridges and it does the job just as good.


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