February 29, 2008

A photoshop novice

I love to play around in photoshop. I remember a few years back, I was so impressed with what my friend, a photographer could do to photoshop. I also remember I asked of him to teach me on how to touch-up a face, but he told me there's too much to learn and it's impossible for him to teach me everthing in a few hours.

From then on, I was so determine to learn what I can do with photoshop. Many photoshop tuorials and online tips later, I think I'm quite good now, though I'm no expert but I sure did improve a lot.

Watch out for my upcoming photoshop project.


I'm a photoshop idiot. After going through online tutorial, bought books to read, still never get to learn how. :( old brain doesn't work that well already. :(

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