October 28, 2010

Bad or good neighbors?

I've been living in the city for about 12 years now, and one thing I can be very honest with you is that in my 12 years of living with neighbor on both left and right side of my house, I haven't yet befriended a neighbor so good that I ever invited them over to my house for a meal, up to now. My current neighbor is fantastic because my mom started off being nice to them and they eventually know we're nice people so lately there's a lot of food sharing going on in between. If it weren't my mom, I won't even know who my neighbors are. So, she's actually a primary school teacher and she runs a tuition center after school. She's the only neighbor I have, I mean those I'm on talking terms with. My opposite house neighbor, I hardly see them. They hurried into their house every time they are back home and never once smile at us. So, we thought, who cares! I don't!

It has become a norm to live this way in the city, oblivious to the people around us. Isn't it sad? Everyone is so concern over their own safety that they even think their neighbour is the bad cop. Seriously. As bad as it sounds, it's actually happening everywhere. Imagine your house broken in by some burglars, they took away all your gold coins and your possession, your neighbor who actually seen what happened act as if he doesn't a thing, he can't even be bothered to call you, let alone call the cops. Opps, and he didn't have your mobile number! Sad isn't it.. I think everyone should make an effort to befriend their neighbor, at least try to get to know them. What do you have to share with me about this?


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