October 18, 2010

15yo Birthday boy

My 15 years old brother celebrated his Birthday on Saturday. Of course, my mom and aunt prepared all the glorious home cooked food for the party. Actually only close family were invited, to say that we have 11 siblings, we already have a big crowd. Say 30, siblings, spouses plus kids, plus a few aunties and uncles. Phew, my family is huge.

So my brother Isaac was overjoyed as he got many monetary gifts from relatives, he has been collecting money to buy a guitar and a laptop and my guess is he is now a few hundred dollars richer.

I have yet to gave him a pressie, since he's still short of cash, I might as well gave him a hundred dollars instead of getting him a pressie he might not even like. Girls like gold bullion especially those from a reputable gold seller like United States Gold Bureau, but guys, I'm not so sure. But then again, who doesn't like gold? Everyone does!


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