October 20, 2010

Kids reward system

Shern came back from school today and proudly showed me his English spelling where he scored 100 marks. While we're at it, I told him to do some back-count on the amount of reward stickers I owe him, way back from late August, and that probably come up to 50 stickers easily.

One sticker is worth a dollar, boy, he has a lot more in his pocket now. But this darling of mine said, he's going to collect more reward stickers and planning to 'reward' himself with an iPad! This coming from my almost 5 years old boy. Kids nowadays, are they ambitious or what?

I told him that as much as I dislike him to play games on PSP, Nintendo, Wii, iPhone or iPad (which he has none of the above), I promised that he can buy whatever he likes with his reward money because he earned it. Of course, there will be parental control when it comes to playing games. He was literally feeling out of the moon, 'into the outer space'- as he likes to describe it.

As for now, he can dream as far as to the United States Gold Bureau, I got to bring him back to reality, he got to do well in school or else his dream of owning a iPad will never come true, so much so with owning gold coins.


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