October 16, 2010

$2.99 for a game

Shern had so much fun playing with Lynd's iphone over the weekend. He even knows how to download new games from the appstore. We reminded him a thousand times not to download any paid apps, only those with FREE written on it. So he actually gets it, until he saw a BEN 10 game in the paid apps. He secretly downloaded a $2.99 apps and didn't tell us until my sister discovered it.
He loves Ben 10 character, that the whole world knows, he thinks that he can get away with it, if Lynd never finds out, it's dissappointing that he's not obeying instructions.
Well, kids don't know the value of money, don't even know that some people got to work hard to even earn a dollar, let alone 3! Give them a gold coins and they might even trade it off for a 20cents ice-cream. Talking about kids being kids.


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