January 22, 2008

scrubs and beyond

when i first saw the scrubs sitcom on television, i thought the name was pretty cute. the sitcom has not just captured the heard of many audiences, but it somehow ended as a brand name. oh ya, now you have it. Medical Scrubs uniforms that comes in very simple yet versatile design. Designed by non other than Katherine Heigl's, her new line comes in peaches scrubs, a color that many nurses will love. i mean, keep the blue to the male nurses.

i wish our local hospital can take a peep into these pretty uniforms, rather than sticking to the ugly horrible lime green nursing uniforms that fades into stained green overtime. what's worse is that nurses are not given uniform sweaters or hoodies. why not standardize them, it's really unsightly to see nurses wrapped in their own funky outerwear all the time. Not at all professional i think.

afterall, it is very important for medical staffs to look professional, that doesn't only apply to doctors with white suits right. being professional doesn't mean dressing up the old school way, so why not dress nurses the fashionable way. i love this piece of hoodie, a perfect match for the peaches colored scrub uniform. i wish i can get one for myself, though i'm not a nurse.


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