January 9, 2008

file recovery as easy as ABC

ever caught in a situation where you accidentally deleted a very important file in your computer? what makes it worse is when that file contains months of effort of hard work and endless hours on the computer. i couldn't possibly describe my anger my frustration when i lost my final year dissertation 3 days before it was due submission.

i cannot recall what i did wrong when all of a sudden, my file got lost in the thin air. well, it must have been the evil work of the computer virus. for the next three days, i has sleepless night trying to re-do the entire dissertation. imagine squeezing a 10,000 words report i took almost half a year to complete in just 3 days. thank God, i passed though the result was quite disappointing. a lost file almost cost me my honours degree.

if only there's such a thing like file recovery back then. i would have passed the dissertation with flying colors. if you're ever caught in a situation like mine, remember that you can now recover your deleted files at
http://www.file-saver.com/ as easy as ABC.


hey... i got something for you in my journal. have fun..

thanks. i will check it out.

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