January 18, 2008

the man that matters

i dated many bastards, some cheated on me, some promised me romantic getaway to Mediterranean Europe with five star Malta Hotels suite and whatnot. those bastards ended up as my ex because i wasn't willing to give myself to them, so what did they do? one cheated right behind my back, went on vacation with a hot chick at some Cyprus Hotels while i was at home worried sick with his sudden disappearances. useless chicken.

i believe everything that happened in my life has a purpose, to make me stronger and brighter. everything is in God's hand, there's no way i can do things better with this brain that i have. i'm not the brightest person on earth. i was a young and naive girl, thank God, sweet talk just didn't appeal much to me. you know, they only want to get you to bed at the end of the day. .

i'm so thankful for my wonderful hubs.
though he's not the most out-going person, romantic and richest man on earth, it doesn't matter. so whether or not we get to spend our holiday or honeymoon half way around the globe in one of the many fabulous Crete Hotels facing the Mediterranean Sea, munching smelly cheese and sipping red wine, i know he'll be there when i need him.that's all that matters to me.


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