January 22, 2008

hit my pillow or my eyes?

oh man, just as i walked into the room just now. i suddenly got confused of the reflection of my own face. instead of seein my eyes right away, i cannot help but noticed that my under eye bag has become so so freakin obvious, much more obvious than seein my own eyes. how bad is that?
my cousin said, it will help if i massage my under eyes by lightly hittin it 300 times for like 5 beats per seconds. 300 times on one eyex 2= 600 beats on both eyes.

i don't think i'm that free to do that. furthermore, my hands is not a vibrator and i don't think i can manage 300 beats in10 minutes. i'll just try to hit my pillow 10 minutes earlier every night. well, shame on me. sleepin early is actually one of my high priority new year resolution. 21 days into a whole new year, i failed so far.


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