January 17, 2008

why are there lizards in my mailbox?

everytime i hear the postman or see the postman drop the mail off at the mailbox, i'll get my maid to get it instead of getting it myself. why? because i hate the mailbox that comes together with this house. don't get me wrong, but a built in mailbox? one that has lizards residing in there, and flipped every time you stretched your hands in to get your mail. if the next house we're going to purchase has such a lousy mailbox, i'll pass.

why is it so difficult for house developers to provide a classic mailbox? the red box with a tiny door? i'm sure posh houses comes with beautiful Keystone Mailbox, but not where i now live. bleh.fine. i'll pay to get my home a decent pretty looking Gaines Mailboxes, one that will make the postman takes longer to drop the mails, all because he loves my mailbox a little too much. what about that?


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