January 27, 2008

where's the card, mr postman?

a surprise mail came for my sister the other day. she got a registered mail for a visa and mastercard pin code, a credit card she never registered for. i can imagine the thoughtfulness of the credit cards issuer, who is kind enough to offer my sister their services without her having to apply for the credit cards, 2 months after her car loan got approved, she has a pretty impressive bank statement i assume.

but the thing is, what do you do with two visa and master pin code, when they forgot to send your the plastic credit cards you're suppose to activate with. we're not talking about a virtual credit card here. hey, we need the plastic version. i wonder if they offered my sister their
interest free credit cards they've been promoting a lot recently. oh, i can imagine the letter must be lost somewhere in the post world. that's the shit with our national post service. if they say 3 days, you really can expect your letter to be delivered to your doorstep on day six.

one week has passed, and we're still waiting for the mail to arrive. with the credit cards in it of course.


oohh i hope the plastic card will arrive soon, Leena. :)

jst to let you know i dropped by today. take care.

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hi leena, please check this out. i guess ur busy with the new year eh.


xin nian kaui le! hapi chinese new year!

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