January 21, 2008

a good thing can last a lifetime

good thing is not cheap, cheap thing is no good. my mother must have told me that a thousand times, she can tell me that another thousand times, but still i cannot refrain myself from buying cheap stuff. you know how dirt cheap some made in china stuffs are. ashtray, fruit peeler, food cover, plastic plate and all for 1 dollar. two weeks later, rust began to appear on my tea strainer, fruit peeler broke into half, food cover's handle came off.

i should have expected it anyway, after all those advise from mom. serve me right yeah. little by little, i became more aware of the things i purchase. though some things might be a little pricey, i'd like to think that it will last me a very long time. especially for dining ware like spoons, fork and knives, also lemon squeezer and tea strainer, where things often get wet, i prefer to go for stainless steel made ones. it is also because rust can cause serious health damage, so better to buy safe than to be sorry.


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