January 14, 2008

down the aisle dangling with gold accessories

the one thing that we chinese cannot do without in a wedding ceremony is presenting the bride with gold accessories. especially for the bride's parents, buying gold accessories for their daughter has become a tradition for decades. it somehow portrays that the brides family is wealthy enough to present gold as gift and thus, they earned the respect from the bridegrooms family member. especially in the case where the bride is married into a wealthy and well-known family.
for decades, gold remains as the main valuable gift, though the idea of earning respect through these gold-gifts has long been abandoned. in fact, these precious items then became the family keepsake that is passed from generation to generation, with some dated back to great great-grandparents wedding gifts. now gold fetch a very high price in the market, soaring record breaking price, those with lots of gold can guarantee a good selling price now.

my mom is just one of the many traditional chinese woman who treasures her wedding gold, she will never sell it away no matter how. she even mentioned to us that she would like her wedding gold to be in the family keepsake and not to be trade-away. with something that holds such significant history, mom's gold accessories is sure going to be in our family for a very long time.


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