January 12, 2008

chinese just love gold

my twin sister came home from Singapore for the weekend, also to celebrate our baby nephew's old year old birthday. we were at sunway pyramid today, shopping for a present for baby Dylan. with Chinese New Year just weeks away, the mall practically turned into chinatown, with red bright lantern and dangling little gold rats decoration everywhere.

Chinese are very auspicious people, and this year being the rat year, chinese just love to decorate their house with gold rats, hoping that this new year with bring good fortune. i'm not a big fan of rats, real or fake, so i'll just stick to decorating my home with some ang-pow packets stapled together.

we didn't manage to get anything for dearest nephew, so we'll just go the traditional way, with a red packet. after all, money and gold are the best keepsake for a child's future, you know it'll always have value.


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