January 8, 2008

wakie wakie, mommy

aw..cannot believe myself. i got to bed at about 4am last night, and i'm now back blogging although my body seriously needs at least another 5 hours of sleep. my little darling woke me up, and i just to got entertain his royal command. he's the apple of my eye afterall.

a bath time after, he's now served breakfast by the maid. i slowly creped in the room, want to claim back my bed space back from my hubs who stretches out his legs and hands so wide, i almost have only the bed edge left to sleep on. so what am i doin here now?

i'm reserving some reviews so i can get back to work when i wakie wakie in an hour or two. alright. later!


thank God there's so much opps available...strike while the iron is hot, as i always say

ya girlie,
you mean the $8 post by ppp? hehee..laughin my heart out! go go go girl.

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