January 8, 2008

men, this isn't embarrasing afterall

this is something i will laugh about if i'm 15 year younger like some other silly kids in their teenage years. words like generic viagra and sex are grown up words, but for those who are just discovering themselves and their puberty, curiosity leads them to finding out more about sex. but often they got the false information because they are not properly educated on sensitive issues like that. what do you expect if your peers tell you not to kiss because you might get pregnant. silly enough.

but the truth is, many adults are not getting the right information about health issue like these, because they are either too shy to ask, or they didn't want to face the embarrassment. with the presence of the internet, people are now shying away from hoping straight into the clinic or blurt this out to their friends, they consult the 'online doctors for advice'.

especially when it comes to men, issue like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are a big issue to their ego, internet comes handy for them to look for medical advice. but just make sure you get your information from a dependable source like 21menshealth.com, a site that dedicate specially to help men with their sensitive health issue.


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