January 4, 2008

this shouldn't be happenin on my new year wish

my new year didn't start very well. i somehow ended up havin a fight with my darlin hubs. only that my argument with him is a one way street kind of thing. he lets me burst out, say what i've been wantin to say forever, and he just kept quiet.

he always give me the silent treatment. fuckin all the time. i hate it. i so hate it. maybe it's not a fight afterall, because i was the only one on the verge of loosin all my anger on him. but still, i hope he will have somethin nice to say to me. but he's not the kind of person who has sweet words hangin by his lips. so as i expected, the typical him is still the same this brand new year.

God, if you cannot change him, give me unlimited amount of patience please. i totally could live like a patience goddess in exchange for his silent treatment.


hi, shern's mom. haven't been around here lately. well, just wanted you to know that as always, i've enjoyed your posts.

have a great day. remember that patience is the mother of all virtues.

thanks for such sweet comment. patience, i do really need it.

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