December 31, 2007

this little boy is so much like his daddy

i have a 2 years old toddler who happens to inherit his daddy's passion for cars. everything about cars fascinates him, a car workshop, a formula car, a drift car and rally cars. even a toy tool set can keep him entertain for hours, he loves pretending he's part of a racing team. a service crew or a driver like his daddy.

when we were in the toy shop the other day, he got all excited when he saw a Recaro Start booster car seat in red. he said that is his daddy's rally car seat, i must say it looks familiar. he never likes the idea of being strapped to a baby car seat, so it's a surprise he wants me to get him a Recaro priced at $349.90.

it's been like this since he was very little, he's never into power rangers, superman, swords or guns like other kids. he only wants me to buy his toy cars of all sort. i won't be surprise if in the near future, he wants daddy to buy him a go-cart so he can go track racing. he is just like his daddy, only a little more handsome.


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