December 10, 2007

keep the love sparks, go honeymoon

now says who honeymoon is only for newlyweds? for me, i think a lovely couple who has been married for over thirty years can still go on a honeymoon. the most important thing is a relationship is that the couple is still very much in love. of course there need to be a lot of tolerance to make a relationship work.

when my little boy is a little older, i hope that my hubs will bring me on a honeymoon again. just the two of us. afterall, honeymoon is for couple, it's not a family affair. A lot of couples now opted for a simple memorable wedding in other people's land, some go as far as Jamaica and or in the Carribean for their dream destination weddings. Now that we're married, we can at least book one of the many all inclusive honeymoons package from Superclub.

when a marriage life gets too routine, especially after having kids, many couples tends to take each other for granted, and spend lesser quality time for themselves. that is how a relationship sparks wears off. i don't want that to happen. never. so i make a point to hubs that this family exist because we first love each other and that our love still matters. so let's go honeymoon, darlin.


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