December 19, 2007

no one beats me on this

i am the world's worst person when it comes to having a common sense of direction. let's see, my 5 year old nephew probably can lead us the way to the twin towers without any missed turns or wrong street. me? i'll have to travel to the same place at least 5 times for me to figure out the right way there. and maybe on the 6th time, i'll get my direction right.

so that basically explained why when we were in perth, my brothers and sisters drove all the time. but not once i was behind the wheels. nobody wants to risk getting lost in a foreign land you see. can't blame anyone but my lack of observation and concentration.

you know, i have a folder in my pc i keep a list of maps around town. i searched the maps online and save it to study it. i don't like the idea of buying map books off the bookshelf because it is not always up to date. i rather have the updated latest maps i searched online and get it printed by a map printing services . it might cost a little more, but it beats getting round in circles at the roundabout in the middle of nowhere isn't it?


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