December 4, 2007

no more scribbles, please

boys will be boys..

my little boy is just like any other boys. he does things every kid grows up doing. pee in the pants, tear his books, scribble on the wall, the sofa, the table and even the bed. even after a warning, i cannot seems to get the message across. "mommy and daddy cannot afford to buy anymore new furniture". boy! how hard can it be?

maybe it's easier to raise a girl. they play with barbies, they love dressing up, play 'doctor and nurse' and be a mother to their baby doll. they don't go around the house terrorizing the living hall with their machine guns and army truck. i love the idea of having a girl. then i'll get to buy her everything pink, from the pink lacy dresses to the decorating a girl bedroom with all thing girly.

i know where to get cool and pretty furniture, at i still love the traditional soft brown wood the best, it gives coziness and warmth to a room.


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