December 10, 2007

the shopping cart that rocks

my eyes are lookin high up, at my cousin zee. first she ran a shopping spree. once, then twice, then three times and from there, she set up her own online boutique. it's only been a couple of months, all the hardwork and sleepless nights is finally seeing results. what impressed me most is the fact that she did everything herself, from the designing of the website to implementing all the ecommerce software. my! if only i'm half as good as her.

as if running a one man show on her online store is not stress enough, she told me few days ago that she just registered a domain to start a wholesale boutique. tell me if that is not a super multi-tasker. fantastic. as we were chatting, she told me she's looking for a shopping cart that has a better functionality that the one that her online store is currently using. i said to her, i reckon Ashop is good, she said impressive. for someone as good as her to say that, that shopping cart software sure rocks.


hi Leena, please check this out.


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