December 2, 2007

exposure to the deadly asbestos dust fiber

in today's world, where health has become a major issue, you'll see health campaigns everywhere. on television, in the newspapers and health magazines. the focus on health is now on educating people of the importance of living a healthy life. eat healthy to live healthy.

but sadly, many are still unaware of the danger and major risk factor being exposure to a mineral called asbestos. especially for people in these industries, exposure to the asbestos dust fiber can be very deadly. it killed over 3,000 people a year. people such as Auto Mechanics, maintenance workers, welders, insulators, painter, plumber and roofers are most prone to this disease called

there need to be more health campaigns to promote the danger of asbestos, because this disease can be avoided if the right measures are being practiced. these labour workers are very often uneducated or not very well educated people, in that case, the health ministries need to make sure that they get the message through to the particular group of people, not just people in general.


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