December 1, 2007

bridging a virtual and a retail store

while i don't really mind watchin from a 10 years old television, my eldest sister thought we could do with a Toshiba 65 include LCD HDTV flat screen. well, she got a point. after a hard day at work, we come home to enjoy and relax. we deserved to treat ourselves with a little luxury now and then. as for a HDTV, maybe we're talking a lifespan of 10 years before we change it again. who knows that in ten years time, every home will come with a built-in mini treater. the answer is simple, the technology advances, everything is possible.

there are many reviews to read online when selecting a HDTV, to provide adequate information for potential buyers, if not to attract them. but it seems nearly impossible that customers will order or purchase a HDTV online. Reason being, as most of the time, we consumers want to physically view products of the same range, putting quality and pricing to the comparison. what about you? would you buy something without getting a feel of it first? my choice will still be a retail store not a virtual one.


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