December 19, 2007

the exceptionally mean angel

some people are just born lucky. some worked hard to get what they want. some worked hard but still they cannot get what they want. so if you're thinking equal treatment, such thing doesn't exist. if you gain something, you lose something. i'm all too familiar with this gaining and losing it scene. money and fame. also my own weight.

if you're rich, please just don't find a way to insult me just because i'm not as thin as you are. i can be pissed at you if i want to. if you think i looked as if i don't mind your too honest opinion, know well that i'm hatin you inside me.

angel, a friend from china, i met her for the first time two years ago. for goodness sake, i was there to entertain her just because my sister, she wasn't free to take her to the mall. first she insulted the mall as outdated. i'm fine with that. say whatever you want to say if it makes you feel proud of your once-so-ulu china.

she was skinny, i was a fat momma. please excuse me missy angel, i just gave birth 3 months ago but she victimised me. there, this skinny devil kept tellin me how she would allocate a huge amount of money to get her body back after she gave birth. by all means, you can opt to go under the knife, get a tummy tuck, liposuction, diet pills, personal trainer for all i care. you're just a lucky bastard you have a filthy rich boyfriend to back you up. she indirectly insulted me over and over again and kept telling me she hates to be fat.
hello! i'd love to be a size zero too.

so why do you think i'm bringin this angel story up? she got lucky and caught a humongous fish. she even got him wrapped around her fingers. last week, they got married.

i'm not finished..come back!


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