December 19, 2007

she married her fish at a beach

so, angel's big fish proposed and they decided to get married. not in mainland china, she wanted a beach wedding. like those glamourous Kauai vacation rentals weddings you see in the magazine. admit it. you dreamt of those. and angel gets to live it. a wedding at the sandy white beach, where you fly in all your family, friends and relative to witness you say 'i do'. nevermind that you're in a foreign land, Hawaiian vacation information is there to assist your every need. yes. dream on.

but angel chose to get married in langkawi, one of the most beautiful island in malaysia. but still, it cost a bomb to fly elsewhere and get married, right? i didn't attend the wedding, i wasn't invited. i saw her a day before the wedding, and she's still skinny.

i think the reason she didn't choose to fly to get married in hawaii because she being a true breed chinese, couldn't speak english. so, i can imagine she'll have a tough time conversing with her wedding planner at the Oahu vacation rentals. what a waste. else, she'll truly be living a true fairytale princess wedding.


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