December 19, 2007

how i wish my life is different, not!

which is harder? get a life or get a job. for me, i think i'm off the market. you see, i never had a decent job since i graduated 6 years back. at 27 now, who's willing to hire a mommy with zero experience and pay her lotsa of bread and butter? the thing is, no one loves a rusty fresh graduate. like me.


sometimes, i wonder if i can be half as good as my twin sis. i envied her all the time, she's flyin high on both her job and financially.. sometimes, words that comes out from her once-so-simple mouth suddenly sounds like freaky jargons to me. see, i'm in deep shit lack of exposure.

if it wasn't because i started blogging a year back, i think my IQ level would have dropped at least 70%. i wasn't a very bright person to begin with. oh again, deep shit.

despite everythin, i will not trade any of it for the life i now have. spendin my entire day with my little boy and on the pc, take nap whenever i feel like it, go shoppin anytime and most important, i have a wonderful family i have the honour of takin care of. isn't that the greatest job on earth. well, besides the pay.

now, who need wife swap? i don't.


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