December 4, 2007

where's the MLB craze eh?

in this part of the world where i live, people are crazy over badminton and squash that's because we have world class players, world seeded players to be exact. one of the reason why other sports are not popular here is because we lack focus on coaching good players. games like MLB world Series is just another game they aired on cable television. we never get to see it live, cheering in a stadium with thousands other spectator is almost impossible.

if only i get the chance to witness such a game live, it would be great. truly one chance of a lifetime. it sure is different from watching it from the television. hip hip hooray while eating pop corn and drinking coke, oh what a pleasure. what i need now is a sponsorship to get a front row MLB world series tickets. well well, can anyone hear me there? fine, let's go dutch.


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