December 12, 2007

depression almost took his life

glad we didn't lose him. my uncle, he tried to commit suicide. he drank some poison, then he passed out. luckily his wife discovered him early and sent him straight to the government hospital. but the hospital intensive care unit was full, and he was placed there at the normal ward. his life was hanging by the thread, helpless, though he's right there at the hospital. is that crazy or what?

the only option left was to transfer him to another hospital, but because his condition was extemely critical, motionless and his face was as white as a paper. other private hospital refuse to accept him for they didn't want to bear the blame if they loses him. well, it was really a time of desperation. with no choice left in JB, we suggested that he must be sent over to Singapore for admission.

thank God that my sister managed to find a hospital,a doctor and a nurse through the internet to accompany him. The international journey took one and a half hour, and he finally made it there to the hospital. The medical fee for the doctor and nurse cost 3 thousand dollars! i reckon it's cheaper and faster to get an emergency air ambulance. If only we knew it exist.

It's always good to know these information, because at critical times, one second does matter. Don't assume by noting this down, it will bring back luck, ignorance is one huge mistake. Never let your loved ones slipped away just because you thought this won't happen to you.

I'm glad my uncle made it, he was diagnosed with depression, a condition he never thought he has. he's now on medication, he's one lucky fella.


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