December 14, 2007

loving to read makes you brighter you know

hubs used to spend a couple of hundred a month on magazine. this is the thing about man and their love and passion for cars, watch, golf,and car. oh, did i already mention cars?? sorry. hubs love buying imported magazines from overseas as the contents are most detailed and up to date compare to the locally published ones. can't say he's wrong. you pay more to get more out of a magazine right.

after he's done reading it, he'll keep it. i don't really see a point of keeping old magazines as the content will be outdated by the time the next issue comes out. anyway, all his old magazines were long eaten by termites at his parents old home. see, the magazines has to go at last.
but i do agree reading magazines broaden our knowledge on certain issue, like a Denver Magazine, it provides local business, political and cultural buzz and even tourist to an insight on the city, every thing people wants to know about denver. cool.


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