December 3, 2007

credit card shopping vouchers are all gone

all these while, i've been the most loyal to my credit card. i use it for every single purchases be it shopping or dining, and my credit card repayment are made promptly. am i not a good customer? hello.. i think i am. so when i saw that my credit card accumulated points expired a few days back, i called the bank for a leniency to at least waive my credit card fees, if they're unwilling to let me have my rebates. you know how shopping vouchers come in handy when you're broke.

anyway, not that i wasn't given any notice, sometimes we tend to forgot things. so partly i was to blame too. but at least have the courtesy to entertain my request or give me a feedback. i am certainly not very happy with this credit card i'm having now. i have plenty of credit cards i can apply for, one that gives me good rebates, free annual fees, low interest and very good terms.

i could search online to make comparison between cards and decide which card is the Best Reward Credit Cards in the market. there's a credit card that suits everyone's need, even those with bad credit. oh ya, i said bad credit.


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