December 19, 2007

i know i'm fat, but you.. yes you. back off..

i must be really fat. else, why would hubs friend's wife, someone i met but never talk to wants me to call her? she passed hubby a name card and well...apparently she has a website that links to an 'eherbal' company that sells freakin expensive diet pills. i did a search and honestly, i'm havin second thoughts on callin her. i don't know what product can cost 1600 ringgit and guarantee that i lose weight. i doubt it.

i think the problem lies with me. i am such a lazy ass who loves to eat. not a very good combo right. but that IS me. back off if you're tryin to remind me that i'm very fat. i know i know.
it's not like i don't know joggin 5 miles 3 times a week can make me thinner. i just lack willpower. i'm that lazy when it comes to exercise.

i really do not have 1600 to splash on whatever that you might claim works. i have a long list of things that i wish to own, so i rather be fat for now and buy myself a nikon D40. the things is, do you really think that she's really worried that i'm getting more and more unpleasant lookin? no! she's just tryin to make some money of me. or my hubs. i could spare a couple of hundreds, but 1600 is way too much. oh, did i mention the entire range cost more than 3000ringgit?


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