December 10, 2007

girls and handbags


that's the one thing most talked about among girls. trust me, we don't talk about sex or even our crush that much. handbag tops it all.

one day, i heard that my sister bought a prada for herself,then another day, my cousin's boyfriend got her a LV handbag for her birthday. and me, last year, my hubs went to china and got me a handbag that looks almost like a cheongsam, with those butterfly buttons and all. i'll not be seen in those, but i do appreciate his thoughts of cheering me up with a souvenir from china. hubs, if you're reading this, they have at least nike everywhere you know.

girls and handbags, almost inseparable. even online, there's a hive where all the handbag shopaholics gather to check and chat about the hottest handbags in town.


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