December 17, 2007

i'm lovin subang parade

i thought i said to myself that i'm not goin to shop anymore this weekend but somehow we ended up in subang parade this evening. now that it is nearin christmas, living quarters christmas sales has already started. i bought the christmas light a couple of weeks back for 10.90 each, and now it's on 70 percent off. wtf? i bought 5 which costed me 54.50. i was fumin and puffin with disbelief.

well, there's nothin i can do anymore right. so i bought another 5. you see, this is the thing about shopaholic. they buy things they don't need. i might need it in the future. i'll keep it first. familiar with those lines?? i bet you are.

5 sets of light cost me only 16.35. i also bought an alarm clock that rings as loud as the school bell for my almost deaf maid. she need this loud clock, else chances of her not wakin up when her alarm ring is very high. she sleeps like a dead person. the new alarm is15 after 50% discount.
i got such a steal at f.o.s. i bought two pairs of dkny khaki shorts for my sis and i for only 59.90. i love it.


You are really a shopaholic huh? One day must shop with you since I've found a shopping kaki :)

hehe.... sure, let's go shoppin together someday.

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