December 2, 2007

if you must have that gucci, get payday loan

If you read Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, then you'll know that she's one damn havoc shopaholic with severe shopaholic syndrome. Sophie doesn't need an imaginative mind to make up such a brilliant character we girls adore (well, sometimes), because this world is filled with such people. but that's a fiction, in real life, someone like her will be filled with credit card debts up to her neck.

but she made it sounds too easy. how in the real world can a shopaholic get through such difficult financial time? she knew she had no money, but she just got to get that gucci bag. maybe she got good terms on her payday loans. now, you can call buying that must-have gucci an emergency, get advance cash right out of your checking account. i love this idea just so much.

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