December 18, 2007

converse! for my little one

the last time my great u.s buddy came home to malaysia, he bought my little boy a pair of combat color converse shoes. it was cool. but his feet seems to grow overnight every night, he wore that shoe maybe less than 5 times. it's still as good as a brand new. what a waste.

my buddy will be comin back here again, i might want to ask her get these blue Converse® All Star® applique hi-tops for my little boy, probably 2-3 size bigger. that way, he can wears it for a longer period of time.


golly I have completely forgotten about this other blog of yours, so sorry =(

I love both converse! maybe you can give away the other one. the blue one will definitely look good on Shern

ya, it's from old navy converse collection and it's only 10 dollars. maybe i'll ask my friend to get it for shern.

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