December 17, 2007

what is behind a blog?

what does it take to build a website that attracts people? more specifically, a blog that makes people want to read you all the time. of course, a blog with interesting blog content people loves to read about. but the most important factor is still a website that looks presentable and attractive. a blog with too many fluorescent color bling blings here and there is a huge turn off, for me at least.
it's very important to know how to build a website that leaves an impression on your new reader. simple and neat can never go wrong.

if you're planning to start a website, it's good to know that the first three main things you need to get is a domain name, a good web design and most importantly a reliable and secure web hosting like such offered in once you're site is online, all you need to do is to upload your site with your desired content. sounds easy, but if you're not familiar with XHTML and CSS-P like me, it takes a while to get it up and running. so my advise is, get help from web host.


Bluehost is ultimately the best web-hosting provider with plans for any hosting needs.

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