December 4, 2007

my cleanin mate in uk

when i was in UK working as a part-time cleaner, i got to know 'henry'. if you ever live in UK, chances are you know people there address a vacuum cleaner as 'henry'. sounds cute eh? everyday, we'll drag 'henry' from room to room to vacuum the carpets. it was tiring but working together in a group was very fun.

those were the days. now, vacuum cleaners are so high tech it almost looks like a robot. be it a handheld, upright or cylinder vacuum, it doesn't lose suction and does the cleaning job just as good. Dyson, as it is called, uses The Root Cyclone™ technology that separates dirt and dust from the air by centrifugal force and collecting it in a bin. it doesn't require a vacuum bag.

this is the part i love about this vacuum, it has every replaceable Dyson parts you need, so you least have to worry about not chucking the entire vacuum just because of a faulty part. i truly believe a vacuum as good as this is twice as efficient as 'henry' when it comes to getting a job done.


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